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Do No Kai Martial Arts - Chapala, Mexico

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Kobu Jitsu
(Japanese weapons)
Ju Jitsu
("Gentle Art," throws, lockups, chokes, self-defense)
Wing Chun Kung Fu
(Chinese boxing)
Pa Qua Chuan
(8 trigrams boxing based on the I-Ching)
Tai Chi Chuan
(Internal martial art, Quigong exercise, moving meditation and self-defense)

DNK Martial Arts Temple Entrance

Do No Kai Temple | Martial Arts in Mexico

Do No Kai Martial Arts Temple in Mexico was created in 1979 by founder Shihan Lonny Riddle, with the goal of teaching and furthering the path of the authentic warrior. Shihan Riddle has been practicing and teaching traditional martial arts for over 50 years, of which more than 30 have been at Do No Kai Temple. The school is situated in the magnificent rolling hills overlooking Chapala, the largest lake in Mexico, just outside Guadalajara. This well-established working martial arts dojo is frequently referred to by the students as "Shaolin Temple South."

The five martial arts styles taught at Do No Kai Temple are: Kobu Jitsu (art of weaponry), Ju Jitsu ("The Gentle Art,"), Wing Chun Kung Fu (Bruce Lee's first Kung Fu style), Tai Chi Chuan ("The Grand Ultimate Fist") and Pa Qua Chuan, 8 trigram boxing.

Do No Kai Martial Arts Retreats House

Do No Kai Martial Arts Retreats & Seminars in Mexico
Along with regular martial arts classes in Mexico six days a week, Do No Kai Temple offers seminars and traditional martial arts instruction in customizable retreats covering all the above five styles. Mexico martial arts retreats and seminars at Do No Kai Temple are unique, in that you choose the information you want to learn. Stay in your own lovely house on the Temple grounds. Groups or individuals welcome.

We also offer free healings via remote energy work, and free meditations.

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