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Do No Kai Martial Arts - Mexico

Pa Qua Emblem Pa Qua Rice Bowls

Pa Qua Bowls

Do No Kai Martial Arts Temple creates these stunning Pa Qua Rice Bowls in the Temple's weapons workshop on our grounds. Used correctly, they are one of the best lower-back exercises available, and work well to open all energy channels, build strong legs, and greatly enhance balance.

Pa Qua Bowls - side view

Our Pa Qua Bowls are created by martial artists, for martial artists. They are perfectly shaped and weighted for this practice, one of many esoteric, advanced studies in the fascinating internal art known as Pa Qua Chuan.

Pa Qua Circle

Pratitioners normally throw the I-Ching, the ancient Chinese book of divination, and walk the Pa Qua Circle holding the Pa Qua Bowls in each hand and using the resulting I-Ching trigrams to guide their physical movements, as well as their spiritual meditation.


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Tai Chi / Pa Qua Rice Bowls (set of 2)
Free Instructional DVD
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Hand-crafted in the Temple Workshop!

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Do No Kai Martial Arts Retreats in Mexico:

At Do No Kai, we offer martial arts retreats and
martial arts seminars throughout the year,
including Pa Qua Chuan retreats.

Pa Qua DVD

Do No Kai is happy to offer a free instructional DVD with the purchase of our Pa Qua Rice Bowls. This teaching video is an in-depth explanation of the details involved with using the bowls for Pa Qua, along with a clear depiction of the Pa Qua Hands and walking set, exactly as it is performed at Do No Kai's Pa Qua Circle.

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