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The benefits of Tai-Chi are practically limitless. This hybrid between martial arts and moving Yoga is now the most popular form of group exercise across the planet, yet its effects are highly personal. Practitioners feel its benefits throughout the body, mind and spirit.

This is not to imply that Tai-Chi Chuan is a strictly spiritual art. It is 100% grounded in the physical, improving balance, joint articulations and muscle strength as it gradually works its way to deeper levels. Called in some circles "The Grand Ultimate Fist," Tai-Chi Chuan's martial applications are also astonishingly abundant and effective.

In short, for all-around self-improvement, especially for those over 50 years old, Tai-Chi Chuan is hard to surpass.

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Authentic Martial Arts training has been
ongoing at Do-No-Kai Temple since 1979.

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