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Tai Chi Chuan is the most-practiced group exercise on the planet. Shihan Lonny Riddle's public Tai Chi classes in Mexico are taught in English, and cover not only the renowned Tai Chi form, but extensive Chi Kung warmup and stretching exercises, various applications of the art for self-defense, and weapons forms. This martial art is famous for its health benefits, such as lowering blood pressure and improving balance. Below are some testimonials from actual practicing students who attend this public Tai Chi class in Mexico's beautiful Chapala.

"Tai Chi has been a big help to my balance. I have no concerns of falling which can be a problem for many people." Bob Parker, Chapala, Jal.

"You can quote me as stating categorically that after a long-standing neck injury due to not warming up properly before dance rehearsal now, THANKS to T'ai-Chi I can turn my head and drive in reverse without pain! I highly recommend it." Joan Davis, Ajijic

"Lonny is the most lovable huggable tai chi instructor in North America!!!" Shelley Edson, Chapala

" I am 77 years old. More or less two years ago, my doctor diagnosed me as hypertensive. As a result, I had to start taking medicine to control it. It was at this time that I saw a program on TV in which I saw persons of my age engaging in Tai Chi and heard the health benefits of such a program. Fortunately, I was able to find a group in Chapala and I joined it at once. Three months later, I had an appointment with my doctor who was totally surprised at the great improvement in my health. As far being hypertensive, it was completely under control." Saul Lule, Chapala

"I have been practicing Tai-Chi for many years and have found that it has maintained my sense of balance, which is important when you live in a country with cobblestone streets, varying heights of curbs and uneven sidewalks (Mexico). I also have a good degree of flexibility in my joints and have no symptoms of arthritis Being in my 75th year I am quite happy about this. Unlike some other forms of exercise, if I live to 95 years of age, I will still be able to practice Tai-Chi. Even though Tai-Chi does not look strenuous it is a complete muscular and cardiovascular workout while also keeping your mind calm and exercising the brain which helps to offset the symptoms of Alzheimers disease." Ken Poole, Chapala

"Tai Chi with Lonny not only lowered my blood pressure, helped my stiff joints, and improved my balance and posture, but best of all it's great fun with a group of amusing and entertaining people." Ros Freed, Chapala

"We have Fun!" Lonny Riddle, Chapala

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Do-No-Kai Martial Arts in Mexico has been giving public Tai Chi classes in Chapala, Mexico for some 25 years. The Temple also offers onsite Tai Chi instruction, and seriors students can schedule customized martial arts retreats in Mexico for the in-depth study of Tai Chi on Temple grounds.

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