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Do No Kai Martial Arts - Mexico


"Our time at the Do No Kai Martial Arts Temple really was incredible and we both had such a great time. It was a trip of a lifetime - and of course we are both hoping to do it again sometime soon.

"Not only were the instructors knowledgeable and very patient with us with our training - and prepared to explain the same moves time and again -  but they also became close friends.We felt we were able to not only progress with what we had already learnt in Wing Chun at home, but also our instructors were able to apply a theory behind it, which helped me remember the moves much easier and progress in the art much quicker than I ever believed I could.

"To also touch upon other martial arts, which I had never experienced before and be able to train with others in them, was also a highlight of the trip.

"Everyone we met was so friendly, helpful and knowledgeable that I feel blessed to have found Du No Kai and spent time there.

"While I was almost a complete beginner, my boyfriend already had some months experience in the martial art. However this didn't stop either of us progressing and getting graded, which was a really special moment for us both. For us, the tea and rice ceremony at the end of our stay, where we both were formally graded, was just the pinnacle of the whole experience where we felt by then not just a part of the whole martial arts training experience, but part of the temple and the family of instructors as a whole. 

"We would thoroughly recommend Do No Kai to anyone committed to learning a martial art - physically and spiritually - and open to having an incredible and unique experience in the heart of the Mexican mountains. I can't wait for us to return one day."

Claire Fry, 
Birmingham, UK. September 2013.


I practiced Bushikan Ju-Jitsu as a teenager more than thirty years ago in the United States—with some varied and sporadic martial arts training since. (Shihan Riddle was then my Sensei's Hanshi.) Nervous and out of shape, and having been out of the Bushikan Dojo for so long, I didn't know what to expect during my two-week retreat in Ju-Jitsu, Wing Chun Kung Fu, Tai-Chi Chuan, and Kobu Jitsu.

The experience and Do No Kai's warm, welcoming staff far surpassed my expectations. The main reason I traveled from New York City to Mexico to re-immerse myself in Bushikan is that, unlike many marital arts I have practiced, it is a holistic system that addresses body and spirit. I was not disappointed. Going back was like going home.

Do No Kai's Shihan, Sensei, and Sifu were attentive at every level and facet of my training, which began weeks before I arrived. They put together a well-planned course that was fine-tuned to my personal needs and abilities. Twelve hours a day, every day, they (including Shihan) were available, giving one-on-one instruction and willing to address martial arts history, technique, and application, as well as the spiritual, physical, emotional, and psychological aspects of my training. The Dojo and guesthouse are excellent, and numerous willing uke were available. To top it off, the climate is perfect and the site (completely devoted to martial arts)—with its spacious grounds and beautiful vistas of the mountains and Lake Chapala—is spectacular. During my retreat I advanced in rank, and in the process I made my own keibo (short staff) in Do No Kai's shop; Renshi realigned my spine; and Shihan helped to open my heart chakra. I left feeling renewed.

Certainly, the expert staff is knowledgeable, gracious, and good-natured (we laughed as hard as we worked), and the facilities are unique, first-rate. But Do No Kai—sui generis—is much more than the sum of its parts. The place excels because of the dedication of its people—their combined energy. It is a temple, a sanctuary, in the true sense of the word. At Do No Kai, martial arts is not something one practices but, rather, a way of life.

Lance Esplund
Brooklyn, NY, 2013


Beautiful place, wonderful teachers and FUN!

I did a one week martial arts retreat in Do No Kai Temple’s retreat house in Mexico. Before the retreat, Do No Kai teachers took special attention to create a personalized training according to my previous experience, physical condition and preferences so that I already I already felt welcome.

They came to pick me up at the airport and then we went directly to the retreat house which is newly built and comfortable.  There even is a rooftop where you can watch sunsets over lake Chapala, practice your forms and enjoy the great climate.

As for the training, I learned even more than I expected.  The more you want to learn, the more they will teach you.  I had the opportunity to practice in mornings, afternoon and evenings including private classes, group classes and personal training.  Most importantly, I had FUN!

As a bottom line, all sensei and sifu have high quality teaching skills and they follow the student’s pace. They also give you tools to continue your training once you get home.

While looking at the pictures of my graduation ceremony with the teachers, it felt like looking at a family picture!  I am grateful I encountered such a beautiful place and people to practice martial arts. I hope to go back next year to continue my training and I recommend this experience to everybody.

Isabelle -- Canada


I just got back from a three-week seminar in Wing Chun Kung Fu at Do No Kai Temple in Mexico. WOW!

Initially, I was going there to continue my studies in Wing Chun and I was not disappointed. I found a sincere welcome, people devoted not only to their art but to the well-being of the visitor. I also found a family of martial artists there.

In that place, I found a Shihan in the person of Lonny Riddle, a true martial artist who lives his passion and knows how to transmit it to his instructors, people dedicated to their school and their art. The energy of the place and all the tools of training make this a place devoted to martial arts and—what I loved best—an environment which facilitates a profound contact with oneself.

What to say about the housing! It was all perfect; one’s home abroad, a place of meditation and training.

A big thank you to Do No Kai and every one of its instructors and partners who have helped me to pursue my passion. I will see you for another three weeks next year.

Claude Lapointe, Quebec


The first thing that happened when I got the Temple is Shihan takes me out to the pile of rocks and tells me he wants me to build a small bridge across this little stream. They've already placed rebar where they want the concrete bridge, all I have to do is mix the cement for the bridge. He tells me to set some bamboo posts in to support a railing.  So this is what I'm doing for my first two days at the Temple. Did I mention that everyone else is in the dojo playing martial arts?

After the cement has set up, Shihan comes out and helps me put the bamboo railing on the posts. Then we start to remove the rocks from underneath the bridge. I notice that there is a huge foundation supporting my little bridge. I asked Shihan about it and says oh yeah I did that, took me a couple of weeks.

Shihan then asked me what I thought was my strength in martial arts. I stand a little over 6 foot one and have always felt like my kicks were my strong point.  His response was, good, let's start there. Within about 30 seconds I realized Shihan had spent some time preparing for this part of the foundation training also. When I left Do No Kai Temple two weeks later I had built a bridge with my teacher and a martial arts foundation for myself which would endure forever.

Domo Aregato Shihan
Mike H.


Staying at the temple for my three day retreat on Pak Qua has been such an exciting and unforgettable experience I could never imagine! I have received more than I expected. Every one of you is committed to offer both friendship and quality in your teaching.

In the past, I had the opportunity to visit the temple a couple of times. And I loved every detail in there. But it was until my first day of retreat that I started to learn, just after crossing the beautiful gate. I became fascinated with the carefully planned symbols and meanings of every aspect that Shihan Riddle explained to me.

In the temple I have found vast experience, friendship and kindness to sharing your knowledge. Shihan Riddle and Simo Cindy have been so warmth to me. Sifu Arturo, takes care of every detail in explaining. And so willing to teach and share his experience. All teachers and students are willing to help.

I felt very comfortable every minute. All questions were responded to. And every technique, move and footwork was covered until there was no doubt at all.

Lastly, the graduation ceremony has been such a beautiful experience, full of positive energy and symbolism. I am positive that every one attending to a retreat will enjoy it the same I have.

Thank you all for everything!
Jacobo Marroquín, Guadalajara


He Llevado una mente a mis seminarios abierta y eso me ha permitido aprovechar al máximo, y sobre todo divertirme algo muy importante para mi: poder conocerlos a todos ustedes. Porque el y la diversión Conocimiento adquieren tarde se of Tempra, pero es más gratificante poder estar en contacto con ustedes y su calidad humana sentir!
Se han preocupado por cada detalle y porque de nuestro quedemos satisfechos aprendizaje. Valoro mucho ello!

Me encantó la nueva área del Pa Qua, nose ayudará mucho en nuestro crecimiento del sistema cada que en el Templo estemos!

La estancia en la casa, la noche del viernes, fue magnífica. En realidad box sentir lo que otros sienten alumnos que vienen de lejos. Es seguir dentro del mismo templo, respirando ese hermoso clima de tranquilidad y el seminario seguir viviendo.

Sensei Adrian una persona sumamente loable, responsable, ameno, amigable, dispuesto! Me quedo corto en palabras para expresar me Agradecimiento admiración y hacia el. Celebro poco tiempo que en la calidad Tenga necesaria pair impartir Pa Qua.

Sé que muy bien y su trabajo y esfuerzo fueron arduos motivado hacia el servicio por los Demas. Siento cariño hacia un especial porque él se ha dado con nosotros, nos ha abierto amistad y su corazón y de mi parte lo tiene por igual.

Usted hacia mis agradecimientos porque en Sensei Adrian veo la calidad de Shihan que tenemos en Usted. Con su Le Figaro, Sabiduria y experiencia me siento que puede agradecido de que el conocerlo y hasta Conocimiento llegue me persona.

Cindy Simo igualmente dedicada a todo detalle! Me encanta el clima de amor y amistad respeto que se genera durante la de graduación ceremony. Es algo que sin duda me encanta y sobre disfruto de manera!
Ah, Sifu Juan estuvo con nosotros que un Poquito el domingo a la hora de la comida y posteriormente, nose illustrated sobre los puntos de desbalance 8, como técnico Apoyo a las enseñanzas Adrián de Sensei. Le agradezco también sus comentarios, ya que en lo personal interest me mucho el arte del respaldo Cientifico Marcial.

Es importante para mi que Sifu Sensei Juan Adrián y Ingenieros y pueden son respaldar el arte del Conocimiento Marcial en la Ciencias Occidentales. El I-Ching me encantó y poder seguir profundizando espero más en ello!

Siento que la manera de diseñar seminarios pair nosotros los tiene una Inteligencia y ahora Logic importante para que el de manera Conocimiento fluya sencilla más.

Usted lo perdonará elocuente, pero de cada disfruto detalle de mis seminarios! Los videos: excelente material, se nota la calidad y empeño pusieron en ellos que ya que son de Apoyo materal con una gran calidad y muy claros. Junto a nosotros lo que ahora tenemos pudimos Grabar material un de calidad y muy bien para nuestra respaldo Practice!

Me sorpendió mucho el que nos Usted Regalar nuestras propias Lanzas! Es un detalle Excelso!

Me siento muy alumno HONRADO de ser de Do No Kai!
Muchas gracias!
Jacobo Marroquín



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