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Do No Kai Martial Arts - Mexico

Shihan Riddle in DNK Temple Workshop

For the last two years of his productive life, Shihan Riddle could be found daily in Do No Kai Temple's weapons workshop. He made and sold all of the items described below as a cottage industry for the Temple. Some, like the double daggers, are his own inventions, and he created many martial arts forms to complement the practice tools and enhance the system to which they belonged.

Today, the workshop is unoccupied, and there are no more of Shihan's hand-crafted items for sale.

Tai Chi Ruler

Tai Chi RulerTo create these Tai Chi Rulers, Shihan used an exotic tropical wood called parota, which grows in the Yucatán of Mexico. On each end, you will find embedded the "long-life" symbol of our martial arts temple, surrounded by a gold metal ring.

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Tai Chi Ruler Instructional DVD (with form) - $25

Tai Chi Ruler DVDWe offer the Tai Chi Ruler instructional DVD for sale, without the Tai Chi Ruler.

Note: You can still buy this instructional DVD or its download. Write DoNoKai@gmail.com for details.


Tai Chi Bang Stick

Tai Chi BangDo No Kai's striking Bang Sticks can be used to develop wrist flexibility and arm strength, as well as to rehabilitate misused and atrophied arm, shoulder and wrist muscles and overcome related pain issues, such as carpal tunnel syndrome.

Tai Chi Double Daggers Ruler

Double Tai Chi DaggersOUR APOLOGIES: The U.S. government has disallowed the shipping of this item from Mexico. Buyers from Mexico only, please.
These warm auburn-colored Double Daggers Rulers are Shihan's own invention. They were precision-crafted from exotic Carribean Walnut. Nesting within a regular-seeming Tai Chi Ruler are two very sharp blades. Users may employ the Tai Chi Double Daggers Ruler as a normal Tai Chi Ruler or as an extremely effective double-bladed weapon.

Weapons Display Stand

Ruler StandPrecision hand-crafted and stained, this beautiful weapons display stand is designed to hold a single tanto, keibo, tessen, keibo, tai chi ruler or many other martial arts weapons. The details on this item are spectacular.


Decorative Dojo Kanji Plaque

Kanji Dojo PlaqueHand-carved with care, these large, stunning decorative plaques will enhance any dojo wall or storefront. Choose from the most popular martial arts styles, or let us know how we can customize your Kanji Calligraphy Plaque for your needs. They are very big, measuring 32" x 16", great for any wall.

Pa qua Qigong Bowls

Pa Qua BowlsShihan designed these beautiful bowls as a concentration and balance aid. Their correct use involves walking the Pa qua circle as you meditate on the trigrams etched into the side of these beautiful bowls. In the center of each bowl is our "long-life" Do No Kai Temple logo. Our Paqua Qigong bowls are perfectly shaped and weighted for this esoteric practice!

Dojo Joseki Vases / Incense Holders

Bamboo VaseThese stunning bamboo vases display aphorisms such as "Fall down six, get up seven" in traditional Kanji calligraphy. Waterproofed and varnished to a lovely sheen, they will provide a gracious Asian note to any place of honor, shelf, or table. Shihan also offered to customize his Joseki vases in Kanji of the buyer's preference.




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